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The Black Men‘s Consortium is an intergenerational, user-led group that meets weekly to explore issues that matter to black men. Mental and physical health, relationships, parenthood, racial identity and social justice are a sampling of the subjects we address.
Regardless of income, age, sexuality or mental health status, the BMC caters to men impacted by life‘s experiences. In our coming together, we find ways to heal and be the better person.
Their medicine is the process they engage in, using playful, creative ways of “allowing ourselves to be ourselves.”

This on going project portraits members of the BMC - The Black Men‘s Consortium as well as the Men's Walk n Talk , true the interpretation of the photographer.


Walk with me: 15 Places, 15 Memories

An ongoing photo essay on stereotypes and their impact on everyday life through personal experiences. The photgrapher takes as on a personal walk trough the city he grew up in. This is an excerpt of the project.


Like Father Like Son?

Five portraits of sons growing up without their father.

We see the sons amongst the family they grew up with. With their chosen family. By themself with what seemed to be their pillar.


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